What is the Current Situation with Glyphosate ‘Safety’ Studies?

  • No Real-Life Exposure Studies: There have never been any published long-term carcinogenicity or multi-generational lab studies on glyphosate at real-life exposure levels.
  • No Comprehensive Independent Study: Hundreds of studies have been carried out on glyphosate by both the pesticide industry and independent scientists using high doses over long-term periods. However, none have been both comprehensive (covering long-term toxicity, carcinogenicity and multi-generational effects) and independent of the industry that manufactures glyphosate and glyphosate herbicides.
  • Is Glyphosate an Endocrine Disruptor?: There are indications that glyphosate herbicides may be endocrine disruptors at real-life exposure levels, but there is no data that settles the question.