How much funding for the Study is required and where is it sourced from?

€ 1 Million: The budget needed for each of the 5 arms of the study.

Stage 1: Carcinogenicity and Chronic Toxicity

Stage 2: Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity

Stage 3: Windows of Susceptibility

Stage 4: Microbiome and Molecular Toxicity

Stage 5: Neurotoxicity

€ 5 Million: The total budget for this study is € 5 Million.

Some parts of the study will be able to be completed with any funding amount raised from the public above € 60,000, making this our bottom limit for fund-raising.

This not-for-profit study budget is between 100% and 200% less than a similar industry or for-profit research project would be.

The study itself is also not funded by any commercial companies. Instead we have relied on funding from the general public through crowd-funding as well as foundations and non-profit organizations.